Some bits of writing that don't really fit in elsewhere on this site. 

General Information

xxx FAQ -  Everything you ever wanted to know about urbex but were too dumbstruck to ask.

xxx Tips -  Parties of 8 or more will be charged a 20% gratuity.

xxx Gear -  It's what's on your urbeXmas list.


xxx Echolocation -  Could you please repeat that?

xxx Frames of Reference -  What are you lookin' at?

xxx Autobiogeography -  You did what where?

xxx Bikexplorations -  Two wheel or not two wheel?

xxx Modes of Locomotion -  Where you goin'?

xxx Making a Method out of the Madness -  How did you find that?


xxx Tommy Tripod -  Meet the man himself.

xxx Homeless Encounters -  The exact opposite of Martha Stewart Living.

xxx The Saga of Burt and Loni -  The names have been changed to protect the convicted.

Urban Photography
xxx Dallas Skylines -  Things are looking up.

xxx More Dallas Skylines -  My neck is starting to hurt.

xxx Fort Worth Skylines -  Looking westward.

Media Review

xxx UrbEx on Film -  Have you seen this?

xxx UrbEx in Games -  Are you playing with me?

xxx UrbEx in Print -  Do you read me?

Close encounters

xxx Found! -  Feeling drained from shopping?

xxx Wildlife EncountersNational Geographic this isn't.

xxx Baby Raccoons -  Lions, tigers, and bears were not available.


xxx An Explorer's Journal -  Detailed accounts of various explorations featured on this site.

xxx More Explorations -  In a word: Leftovers.

xxx Post-Katrina Explorations -  A different kind of Gone With the Wind.

xxx The Greatest Story Ever Told -  A very urban engagement.

Construction and Destruction

xxx The Saga of Crater Tunnel -  Or more appropriately, "What crater?"

xxx Downtown Excavation -  Going down... then going up!

xxx Google Earth views of the 9th Ward after Katrina -  A different kind of Google-eyed.


xxx Observations on The Observer -  A response to the Dallas Observer article on urban exploration I was featured in.

xxx Paranormal Investigations -  And why they're haunted by ignorance of the scientific method.

xxx Don't Quote Me -  In others' words.

xxx Blogging with a camera -  A picture's worth a thousand words.

xxx Urban Sexploration -  Rated triple urbex.

xxx Random Thoughts -  General musings, rants, and anecdotes about the nature of exploring.

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